Mapping Medicare Disparities

Data Last Updated: June 29, 2020

The Mapping Medicare Disparities (MMD) Hospital View provides quality measures by hospital and allows comparisons with other hospitals. Comparisons can also be made against the county, state/territory, or national average for each of the measures.

The MMD Hospital View provides a user friendly way to compare hospitals on quality of care (e.g., readmissions and unplanned hospital visits, safety and patient experience) and cost of care (e.g., Medicare spending). Users can visually analyze a hospital’s metrics and performance scores and compare with other hospitals based on: geography (e.g., county, state, and national), hospital type (e.g., acute care and critical access), hospital ownership (e.g., government, physician, proprietary, tribal, and voluntary), and/or hospital size (i.e., number of beds). (Use of the Chrome browser is recommended.)

Helpful links: Quick Start Guide | FAQ's | MMD Tool Technical Documentation | Office of Minority Health MMD Tool homepage

Attention Users of Assistive Technologies

This tool is designed to display selected measures from the Hospital Compare dataset in an interactive and primarily visual way. It does have support for users of assistive technologies via data download functionality, which can be navigated to via keyboard and without visual queues. Users seeking an accessible experience are advised to stop at the data download functionality as elements beyond that point are not compatible with accessibility software. The next paragraph provides information on the elements on this page.

Elements on this Page

  1. Menus for state, county, hospital filtering and selection, followed by a measure and benchmark group selection menu
  2. The download data function to retrieve a comma-delimited dataset based on the user selections - NO ADDITIONAL ACCESSIBLE ELEMENTS BEYOND THIS POINT
  3. A geographic visualization of the selected measure on a map of United States, with color representing the selected measure's value by county
  4. A hospital-specific visualization showing the hospital's performance across measures within the selected subdomain along with comparative reference dots based on the selected comparison group

Geographic Selection

Select a state and county to see hospital locations. Then hover over to view hospital name, click to visualize selected subdomain in chart below.

Readmissions: Avoidable Hospital Utilization